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Wow a new record this week! 21 Modules 🎉

We love setting new records and this week is a new one for us. Our factory peaked with 21 modules under construction at one time on Wednesday this week!


At the moment we have a number of smaller cabins under construction meaning that we could double them up in some production spots. Rather than a single building in that one spot we now have two or in some cases even three.

We normally produce 14 or 15 buildings per month, we’ll sure be smashing that this month!

We’re often asked by our larger corporate clients about what our construction capacity is. While these photos and stats tell a story, the most important part is actually our ability to accurately plan and forecast our capacity.

New call-to-action

Our promise to our clients is, “We deliver on the day we say!” That means, if we promise a production and delivery schedule to you we can plan this with 100% accuracy.

The way we do this is by using a very structured planning tool we call our TAKT Time Schedule. TAKT is a German word for ‘clock’ or ‘beat’. Our entire factory runs to a very regulated beat. Every cabin in our factory moves through the production system that has 8 work stations. Each station always takes 2 days meaning the total production time is 16 days. Pretty quick for a fully completed cabin or home! And more importantly it means we can forecast with 100% accuracy. If we say we will deliver your buildings on a specific date, we know that’s exactly what will happen, like magic.

Talk to us today about how we can help make your projects happen on time, every time. We deliver on the day we say…

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