Our latest and greatest CAMP KITCHEN design

Posted in on the 29th October 2011
You must have a look at this design. we are just busy finalizing the installation of this stunning camp kitchen at the white albatross holiday centre, nambucca heads. this camp kitchen is sure to be a winner with spacious cooking facilities and... View Article

What is your Mona Lisa?

Posted in on the 15th October 2011
Did you know that at the louvre museum in paris, which houses the mona lisa (also known as the la gioconda), has a stock of about 385,000 artworks with 35,000 on display at any one time? View Article

Let's party - Uniplan Group release in Australia

Posted in on the 2nd October 2011
This is an exciting month for uniplan group. previously known as timberline cabins we are now rolling out our new uniplan group branding in australia during the month of october! View Article

Fabulous September Holiday Bookings

Posted in on the 30th September 2011
If there is one thing that you are all telling us loud and clear is that your bookings for these holidays are as strong as you have ever seen them. good work - keep those success stories happening. View Article

Is this 3 bedroom cabin good enough for you?

Posted in on the 24th September 2011
I have just uploaded a stunning three bedroom design called the fargo. check it out on the plans page or download the fargo pdf here. what do you think? any good? View Article

First guests..... bring them on.

Posted in on the 17th September 2011
The recently completed buildings for the mawley memorial park in masterton nz are being used for the first time this weekend. congratulations to the masterton district council for their purchase. View Article