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3 Common mistakes to avoid when building a Modular Home

Uniplan’s main mission is to make the building process as easy as possible. You’ve heard all the horror stories about building. Our plan is to make the building process for your new modular home as easy and stress free as possible.

Here are three mistakes you really need to avoid if you’re looking for an easy modular home building process.

Understand what you need to arrange once the home is installed:

While Uniplan includes everything from the council application, the building process through to the delivery and installation of your new modular home. Normally we leave it to you to arrange some of the final items. This includes connection to services (Sewer, power, water, etc), driveway and letterbox. Why do we exclude these items? Our efficiency is all about how we build the modular home in the factory. Once we have installed the home on site we find that you would most likely know the local plumbers and electricians better than us so we leave these items up to you. Of course, if you need, we can assist with these works and work with you to find suitable tradies to complete this work. Chat to us to make sure you understand exactly what is included and excluded.

Get finance sorted early in the process:

Some banks do not like to finance a modular home. It is a mistake to think that if you have approval for finance for a built-on-site home that this approval will also apply to a modular home. Why? Certain banks use a different approach to value a modular home and don’t consider it fixture to the land. This means they don’t use it as security which reduces the amount you can borrow. When talking to your bank make sure they’re aware you’re planning a modular home. We also find it rare that banks will permit lending more than 80% towards a modular home meaning you require a 20% deposit. We highly recommend working with the Regional Australia Bank. Not only do they have very competitive rates but they also fully understand Uniplan’s building process and make getting a home loan easy.

Check out the displays

When you’re planning a modular home make sure you make the time to go and visit the displays of the modular home manufacturer. Different manufacturers use wildly differing fittings and finishes during the building process. By visiting the display homes of your chosen builder you will be able to see all this detail first hand and avoid the mistake of ending up with poor quality finishes. Get a clear understanding of what is a standard inclusions in their specifications. Builders can have the bad habit of doing up the display homes with a whole lot of extras that are not included in the base price. Keep asking questions so you know exactly what is in the standards specification and what costs extra. 

Reach out to Uniplan today to book a time to visit our stunning display homes.