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Downsizing? 5 simple tips for building the perfect compact home or granny flat

Posted in on the 27th December 2020
Let’s not pretend otherwise – downsizing from a family home where you’ve spent many years, to a smaller home or granny flat near your family is never going to be a ‘walk in the park’. uniplan has been building modular homes and granny flat for over... View Article

Modular Home Myths

Posted in on the 11th December 2020
Based on some long held myths about modular homes, transportable homes or prefab homes (whichever term you would like to give them) many people don’t even consider it an option when they’re planning to build a new home. and that is their loss! View Article

Hassle free building

Posted in on the 4th December 2020
This is really why uniplan exists… there is nothing more we love than to be able to show you how to make it easy to build a new home. you don’t normally think of the words stress free when you think of building a new home. View Article

Modular does not mean ugly

Posted in on the 27th November 2020
Ok, i know what you mean. the transportable homes of the past haven’t done any favours to the impression you have of what a modular home will look like. many modular or transportable home builders of the past, and sadly even some today, haven’t been... View Article

Modular Home VS Kit home

Posted in on the 20th November 2020
So what is the difference between a modular or prefab home and a kit home? so many people get them confused but they are two very different things. View Article

3 Common mistakes to avoid when building a Modular Home

Posted in on the 13th November 2020
Uniplan’s main mission is to make the building process as easy as possible. you’ve heard all the horror stories about building. our plan is to make the building process for your new modular home as easy and stress free as possible. View Article

How long does a modular home take to build?

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
Because the building process in our factory for a modular home is so streamlined, your new home can built in as little as a third of the time compared to building a house on site. a compact modular home takes only 18 days to build from raw materials... View Article

The 7 steps to building a modular home

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
Most often find the building process daunting or scary. our job here at uniplan is to make it easy for you. with these simple steps to building a new modular home you quickly find how we make it a stress-free process. View Article

The Coastal Facade

Posted in on the 11th December 2018
Do you love the look of angles? the coastal façade could be for you. View Article

The Contemporary Facade

Posted in on the 4th December 2018
Clean line. modern styling. a bold architectural statement. this modular home has a wow factor. View Article