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Modular Home Myths

Based on some long held myths about modular homes, transportable homes or prefab homes (whichever term you would like to give them) many people don’t even consider it an option when they’re planning to build a new home. And that is their loss!

Here are some common myths about modular or transportable homes.

You have to pick a standard plan to suit how the home is built in a factory… FALSE

At Uniplan, our entire factory is set up to build custom made, architectural design homes. That means you get to sit down with our design team and work out exactly what you need in your home. That way you can get the perfect plan that suits your family and get an external architectural design that makes you go wow!

Of course, we have a range of standard plan you can choose from but these are normally just a starting point. Nearly all our clients will make changes to these plans, or start from scratch with an architectural design that is created just for you. The best of all is, your not charged a surcharge or penalty for custom designing your home. Our whole system and factory is set up so that building a custom made architectural design home is just as cost efficient as using one of our standard design.

Modular homes aren’t as strong as a home built on site… FALSE

Here is a simple point – is a ‘normal’ house built on site strong enough to pick up, pop on the back of a truck and transport down the highway at 100km/h? No sir! Well, a modular or transportable home certainly is! A modular home needs to be built with a super strong chassis and highly braced walls and roof to allow it to withstand being transported to site. We think that’s a pretty good test to prove how a modular home will outlast a built-on-site home. That’s why we confidently give a seven year warranty just like you expect from a master builder.

A modular home won’t be as well insulated as a home built on site…FALSE

Let us show you how we can insulate your modular home to the nth degree. Any type of insulation that can be used in traditional construction can be used in a modular home. Chat to one of our team today to find out the various insulation packages we have that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. (And trust me – our factory is based in Armidale where it gets really COLD. We know how important this is!)

The quality of a modular home isn’t as good… FALSE

I love this one. If you were buying a new car which would you choose? Would you want whole bunch of parts delivered to your garage and then you get a local mechanic to come and build your car from the ground up? That’s crazy?!? Or would you prefer your new car to be built in the controlled environment of a factory and brought to your site once it is complete? Stupid question you might be saying. Well, we think it is just as stupid to build on site when you can have your home built in a factory where there are proper quality checks, regulated building processes and trusted quality outcomes.

A modular home always looks ugly…FALSE

OK, I know what you mean. The transportable homes of the past haven’t done any favours to the impression you have of what a modular home will look like. Many modular or transportable home builders of the past, and sadly even some today, haven’t been very adventurous when it comes to architectural design. The boring low pitched roof, basic cladding and boxy shape is probably what you’re imagining. It will only take you a few moments to browse the collection of designs available from Uniplan to see that a new era of architectural design in modular homes has arrived.

With Uniplan we’re 100% confident that we will be able to wow you with custom-built, architecturally designed modular home that you will be proud of for years to come.

That’s why we think it would be a great idea to reach out to us and arrange a time to check out our display homes and have a peep into the factory to see the amazing way your new home will be built.