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Modular Home Myths

Posted in on the 11th December 2020
Based on some long held myths about modular homes, transportable homes or prefab homes (whichever term you would like to give them) many people don’t even consider it an option when they’re planning to build a new home. and that is their loss! View Article

10 Point Plan For Getting Through COVID-19

Posted in on the 11th May 2020
2020 has brought with it some seriously challenging times. but for australians, we can now see the other side. or at least, the first steps towards the beginning of what is to come. the outlook has been uncertain for the last few months on many... View Article

Budget / Costing for a modular home

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
Building on a budget is probably the biggest challenge for anyone building a new home. unless of course you’re a billionaire and you’re building your tenth mansion in some secluded waterfront getaway! but for the rest of us… how can you make it easy... View Article

What are they made from and how long do they last?

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
What is a modular home made from? View Article

How long does a modular home take to build?

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
Because the building process in our factory for a modular home is so streamlined, your new home can built in as little as a third of the time compared to building a house on site. a compact modular home takes only 18 days to build from raw materials... View Article

What is a modular home?

Posted in on the 3rd March 2020
There are a number of different words used to describe a modular home. such as prefabricated home, prefab home, factory built home, moveable dwelling or transportable home. View Article

Helping those in need

Posted in on the 9th January 2020
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the terrible fires. it is devastating to see what is happening around our beautiful country. the tragic loss of property and life has been weighing heavily on all of us. while all our staff... View Article

The Classic Facade

Posted in on the 20th November 2018
Want a house with a timeless look? classic is said to be the best of its kind. so if you are looking for a timeless look then look no further. the classic faced can complaint any floorplan. View Article

Thank You

Posted in on the 17th September 2018
Thank you to all those that helped us raise $12,132.76 towards buy a bale for farmers and rural communities. we appreciate your support. #ruralaid #buyabale View Article

Uniplan Community Sponsorship Program.

Posted in on the 10th September 2018
Uniplan group is key provider of employment in armidale with growing number of staff now tallying over 120. we couldn’t be the great business we are today without the support of our wonderful staff and the community. our company mission is, “be a... View Article