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10 Point Plan For Getting Through COVID-19

2020 has brought with it some seriously challenging times. But for Australians, we can now see the other side. Or at least, the first steps towards the beginning of what is to come. The outlook has been uncertain for the last few months on many levels, right across the globe. Mass job losses, and an extremely volatile market, caused by a once in a hundred-year pandemic has crippled the entire planet. There are, of course, some positive sides to a pandemic like this. The resetting of nature, the forced retuning of how we carry out necessary activities in our daily lives, and of course, it has compelled innovative adaptive solutions to problems many were faced with during this time. 

No matter how your life was affected during this pandemic, how we each prevail when the world returns to our new normal, will be the setting stones that guide our future. It’s important to note that this isn’t quite over yet, and we have a long economic recovery time ahead of us that could last several years. Even more importantly, we must get through everything that is still happening, and any ambiguity there is yet to come.

The future will be very, very different.

In the relative scale of things, COVID-19 hasn’t been delivering its wrath on the world for that long. Still, the sheer quantity of positive changes we have already seen in virtually every global industry is overwhelming. When we come out of this, what is happening right now, we will enter a whole new world as we’ve never known it before. But first, we have to survive where we are.

Every company needs a guiding light to give them a purpose and reason for being. These words, which are part of our company mission, have been given a new meaning thanks to COVID-19. The latest reason and purpose for these words is to survive and thrive. COVID-19, as horrific as it has been, has become the guiding light in a sense. Surviving the now, and thriving in the future, requires a guiding light. What better way to use a guiding light to your advantage than to reach it as fast as possible, push it out the way and replace it with your very own source of light.

Albert Einstein famously said the measure of intelligence is the ability to change, and right now, change is inevitable. It’s how we ‘survive the now’, and how we adapt to what the future has in store.

At Uniplan Group we work directly with many parks and villages. Through these close relationships, we hear so many incredible ideas of how people are managing and adapting to the COVID-19 crisis. We have compiled an outstanding 10 Point Plan based on views submitted by the people who we work with the closest.

The 10 Point Plan guides you through a list of great tips relative to surviving your current financial situation, communication with staff and creditors, and the importance of government assistance options. It also offers excellent insight into how you can thrive in the future, with tips relating to networking, improving your business during the downtime, and investment in marketing like never before.

You can watch the two-part video series HERE, and click on the link on the right side of the page to download the 10-Point Plan in pdf.