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Modular Home VS Kit home

So what is the difference between a modular or prefab home and a kit home? So many people get them confused but they are two very different things.

To make it clear, let’s explain the process you would go through to get a kit home.

Let’s use the analogy of baking a cake. If the cake were a kit home you would pick out the type of cake you wanted. Choose the type of icing and decorations and place your order with the kit home supplier. 

What happens next… The supplier of the kit home would work out the exact quantities you need of all the ingredients, come up with the perfect recipe and then…. Deliver all the ingredients and the recipe to your site.

And… what happens next… You have to take the recipe and the ingredients and make the cake all by yourself in the hope that it turns out just like the picture. So a kit home is just a pile of all the ‘ingredients’ you need to build your home along with the ‘recipe’ (aka the plans) to build it. Either you better be a pretty good handy man or you are going to have to get a builder to come along and build your kit home for you.

So – what about a modular home?

Back to our cake. This is like ordering a cake from a trusted bakery. You still get to pick the type of cake, the icing and decorations but the baker then expertly makes your cake, to perfection, in his ‘factory’. Once the cake is professionally cooked, iced and decorated he delivers it to you, ready to eat.

That sounds like a much better idea to me. And that’s how a modular home works. It is 99% constructed in the factory prior to being delivered to your site in completed modules and then installed by our professional team. That’s where the name prefab home comes from. It has been pre-fabricated in the factory before coming to site.

If you’re an expert ‘baker’ then go right ahead and go with the kit home idea. If you would rather leave it to the professionals then a modular home or prefab home is the way to go.

It’s remarkable how much is completed in our factory prior to your modular home being delivered to site. When you come visit our display homes we will show you through the factory too. That way you will see that everything down to painting, tiling, kitchen, bathrooms, curtains, light fittings and more are all 100% finished in the factory. All that needs to be done when we deliver your new modular home to site is install the piers and do the last finishing external touches.

Super clever, super quick and super impressive.