3rd March 2020

Most often find the building process daunting or scary. Our job here at Uniplan is to make it easy for you. With these simple steps to building a new modular home you quickly find how we make it a stress-free process.

Let us show you just how it works with these 7 steps to building your new home.

STEP 1 - Your land:

I don’t think this needs much explaining, if you want to build a modular home you need somewhere to put it. The important part of this step in the building process is thinking about how the modular home is going to access to your property. Because the modular home is built in our streamline factory and then brought to site to site once it is 99% constructed we need to have good access to be able to get the big modules of the home onto your property. Of course we’re willing to come out to your site and make it easy for you by making sure the roads and driveway leading to your home site is suitable for us to bring your modular home.

STEP 2 – Designing your modular home

We find this the most exciting part of the process because we know we can make it a stress free process. We’ve  done it a 1000 times. Let us make it easy showing you through our extensive range of standard plans. This is just a starting point though. Any of our plans and designs can be fully customised to suit you without costing you a fortune. Our entire production system is set up to make every modular home fully customise to suit each client’s needs. You’re not charged extra for making changes to our plans. Of course, the costs of any increase in size or other additions will be worked out but this is worked out at the same rates as we work out the price for a standard plan. 

Our friendly home consultants will gladly show you a number of display homes plus other homes we have under construction in our factory. This will give you an excellent of what you can design into your new home. When you are ready, we then get your own custom plan drawn up by our architect.

STEP 3 – Specifications, pricing and the contract:

While your plan is being worked on we go over all the inclusions you would like in your home. You get to choose everything from the tiling you want in your bathroom to appliances for your kitchen and floor covering options. This then lets us prepare a price based on your chosen plan and inclusions. Most often we end up doing a few versions of this process until we arrive at the happy mix of specifications and plans that perfectly suit your budget.

Once we have finalised all these details and got to a point where you are comfortable moving ahead then it comes to the very momentous occasions of signing the contract for Uniplan to build your new modular home.

STEP 4 – Council approval

Part of what we do for you to make it easy and ensure it is a stress free process is take your plans and lodge them with the council. We handle all the back and forth with council until such time as we get it approved and ready to build. We give you an estimate of what the council costs will be which is normally pretty accurate. Having said that, let’s be honest, we all know what a council can be like. In some occasions they request specific reports or further information which may add to the costs.

STEP 5 – Building your home in our amazing factory

Once council has given all approvals then we ready to start making it all a reality! We have got the building process down to such a fine art you will be blown away. After ordering all the materials, your home will be build in just 16 to 28 days depending on the size. Our factory has the steps to building a home down to such a fine art if you blink you may miss it all!.

STEP 6 – Delivery to site

At the point that your plans are approved by council we would have given you a fixed date for your new home to be delivered. When this day arrives you will no doubt be out with your camera as your new home arrives in one, two, three or even four modules on the back of trucks with wide load escorts and flashing lights everywhere. Watch with bated breath as we expertly position the modules into the positions and BAM! you’ve got a almost completed house on site when yesterday it was just a grass paddock. We make it easy for you by looking after all the piers, footings and engineering needed for installing your home.

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STEP 7 – On site works

Depending on the design of your home there will be approx. 1 – 4 weeks of work on site to get your home ready to live in. During the specification and contract stage it would have been decide on what Uniplan will complete on site (such as carport, entry stairs, verandas, etc) and what you need to complete (Connection of sewer, water, electricity, etc)

And that’s it! Seven easy steps to building a modular home. We hope you’ve seen just how easy we make the building process.

Reach out to one team today to embark on your journey to a new modular home.

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